March 6, 2019


Ready-to-use within 15 days and 20+ years of hospitality experience in its
DNA—the new Serenata Easy Campaign Manager

At ITB Berlin 2019, Serenata CRM, a NextGuest company and specialist for CRM and e-marketing, will unveil its new Easy Campaign Manager. The easy to use, yet powerful solution allows personalized and GDPR-compliant campaigning and performance tracking. Prebuilt campaigns enable teams to jump-start personalized online marketing without needing specific skills. Serenata CRM’s latest innovation delivers online marketing essentials at an attractive entry price, is ready-to-use within 15 days, and lowers CRM entry barriers.

Customer-centric online marketing is vital, if not mission-critical for hotels across all industry segments. But the complexity and amount of tools and systems is high. Only a few hotels have the appropriate marketing and analytical skills in-house. Implementing a fully-blown CRM solution to cover campaigning and reporting might be over the top and is not always an option.

“When we talked to managers of mid-sized hotel chains about CRM, the wish lists were quite similar— less complexity, faster deployment, and instant usage without special skills. And they know the need to approach guests individually and not through mass communication. We address all that with our new Easy Campaign Manager solution which totally reflects our commitment to intelligence, real-time personalization, and simplification,“ said Dieter Dirnberger, CEO of Serenata CRM.

Serenata Easy Campaign Manager combines prebuilt campaigns, transactional emails, advanced automation, and best practices. Even in its basic configuration, it can use personalized data from mails driven by property management systems (PMS)—without license fees for third-party software interfaces.

“It has never been so easy to leverage online campaign marketing, improve guest communication and experience, and track a campaign’s performance. Easy Campaign Manager is not only perfect to jumpstart personalized campaigns within 15 days. It can also grow with the requirements into a full CRM solution having more than 20 years of hospitality experience in its DNA,” said Thomas Hoefer, managing director at Serenata CRM.


Covering all steps of personalized online channel marketing

Easy Campaign Manager covers all steps from a website visitor’s profile capture and sign-up to personalized campaign management and reporting. To run ad-hoc, automatic, or scheduled
campaigns, users can work highly efficient with prebuilt master templates or tailor custom HTML templates. The solution supports dynamic personalized content and features a unique Smart Content Library for a hotel’s web assetsso that users can select what they need. Dashboards facilitate campaign management. Best practice based campaigns include welcome mails, weekend booster, branded newsletter, vacation and reservation reminder, greetings and more.


Easy upgrade to Serenata CRM Suite

As requirements grow, customers can simply add more modules and upgrade to Serenata CRM Suite without moving any data. Serenata CRM Suite is a fully-blown CRM solution also covering guest loyalty and guest recognition solutions. Serenata CRM Suite is the first fully-integrated guest engagement, acquisition, and marketing platform to support the entire guest journey and deliver a 360° view of each guest.



Easy Campaign Manager is available today through Serenata CRM. It is ready to run within 15 days in a basic configuration, including a choice of four prebuilt campaign templates. All Serenata CRM solutions are cloud-based, hosted in Germany, and accessible via desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.


About NextGuest CRM

NextGuest CRM is a worldwide leader in personalized and automated guest communications and CRM solutions for the hospitality industry. Founded in 1996 as Serenata CRM, the company has unparalleled experience in supporting hoteliers to attract new and keep existing guests, while boosting hotel revenues. NextGuest CRM integrates all digital channels, combines historical and real-time intent data, and delivers a 360° view of a guest. It enables hoteliers to optimize guest interaction and experience and act in line with their business figures and trends. The modular NextGuest CRM portfolio ranges from transactional emails to a full-blown CRM suite. NextGuest CRM is a subsidiary of NextGuest, comprised of NextGuest Digital, CRM, Labs, and Consulting. For more information, please visit