August 6, 2019

Real-time Intent Triggered Personalization

by Mikael Fries, VP Sales Excellence

Ever since the term CRM was coined, all CRM systems have been focusing on collecting and storing historic information about customers in order to provide better service or to use the data for marketing purposes.

Your CRM can of course also collect reservation data, making it possible to look a little into the future, but you are mainly working with rather static (and historic) data.



Only using historic data has worked in the past because most hotels are not sending out very dynamic campaigns or because the level of personalization has been kept on a low level.

The lack of highly personalized campaigns in the industry is however rather remarkable and somewhat of a paradox since many studies find that around 70% of our guests are more likely to do a purchase based on a personalized offer, and around 80% are more likely to become a returning guest, if they have a personalized experience and relevant offers during the booking process.

The reason for the low degree of personalized offers and campaigns is probably something that can be traced back to three reasons:

  • Most campaigning tools require a lot of cumbersome work for creating a dynamic campaign
  • Most CRM marketing automation solutions focus on historic data, which makes true personalization difficult as our needs constantly change.
  • Data resides in different systems and are not available for marketing or personalization


The ever-changing guest

Our world and our needs are continuously changing, so why should not the information in your CRM about your guests change with their needs?

Let’s say that you have a returning guest in your CRM that has always booked rooms for business trips. If you only make use of this historic data, you might send the guest campaigns and offers with focus on business travels, and you risk missing business when your guest is looking for a family vacation.


So, what is the solution?

NextGuest CRM allows you to make use of tracking and scoring information from visitors on your website. The scoring can determine how interested a visitor is and what the visitor is interested in. Once the interest level is high enough, you can serve the visitor personalized content, offers and even a personalized pop-up suggesting the visitor to sign-up for the newsletter. Once the visitor signs-up for the newsletter, a new profile is created in the CRM and includes the visitor’s interests, allowing you to target the now known prospect with marketing and offers based on his current interests. (It is of course important that you ensure to collect all required consents through the website and signup for processing the data)

Guests that have already signed-up for the newsletter will continuously be tracked and scored when returning to your website and the CRM profiles interest score will be updated accordingly.


The benefit of real-time data

NextGuest CRM allows you to combine traditional historic CRM data with real-time intent data, allowing you to enrich your guest profiles with actual current data about what your guests are currently looking for. By utilizing real-time scoring information about your guests’ interests and intent from your hotel website, NextGuest CRM can help you to ensure not only that the website is fully personalized based on the current interests, but also that campaigns and offers are tailored based on this real-time intent data.

NextGuest CRM can be set up to automatically send specific personalized campaigns or offers to CRM profiles that meet certain predefined criteria, like interests or intent to book rooms for specific cities or hotel properties or that have shown a special interest in some of your offerings like SPA, golf or your restaurants.


Don’t forget the past

Knowing what a guest is interested in on your website at this very point in time is an amazing opportunity for you to do real time marketing and engagement with them – exactly at the right time when your guests are interested in booking a room. But we should not forget the past and the historic data you keep in your CRM. The historic data is still very important and together with NextGuest CRM’s real-time intent data, you are able to empower your marketing team and allow them to really drive revenue by utilizing your guest’s current needs and intent.

NextGuest CRM is a next generation sales and marketing automation CRM platform for the hospitality industry and we are looking forward to share with you how NextGuest is addressing today’s modern challenges and what makes NextGuest truly unique in the market and qualifies us as the next generation CRM.

About NextGuest CRM

NextGuest CRM is a worldwide leader in personalized and automated guest communications and CRM solutions for the hospitality industry. Founded in 1996 as Serenata CRM, the company has unparalleled experience in supporting hoteliers to attract new and keep existing guests, while boosting hotel revenues. NextGuest CRM integrates all digital channels, combines historical and real-time intent data, and delivers a 360° view of a guest. It enables hoteliers to optimize guest interaction and experience and act in line with their business figures and trends. The modular NextGuest CRM portfolio ranges from transactional emails to a full-blown CRM suite. NextGuest CRM is a subsidiary of NextGuest, comprised of NextGuest Digital, CRM, Labs, and Consulting. For more information, please visit