Guest Marketing

The NextGuest marketing campaigns takes the work of one-on-one communication to a deeply personalized level. Beginning with a hotel website email capture or sign-up, hoteliers can then use the Guest Marketing Dashboard for easy, automated campaign management. Choose from unlimited targeting options, including stay history, reward program affiliation, geo-targeting and more; review past guest scoring, based on lifetime value and booking behavior; or target specific customer segments. Whether you want to reach business travelers, meeting planners, or leisure seekers, your enhanced email capabilities will help you craft the right message for the right people.

How does it work? Create smart lists to target past guests via automated and ad-hoc occupancy need-based email marketing campaigns. Our marketing automation allows you to initiate or schedule targeted and highly personalized email marketing campaigns and “drip” campaigns to smart customer lists by RFM Value (Recency, Frequency, and Monetary), preferences and booking/stay history. A/B Testing ability included with a purchase of entire NextGuest CRM platform.

Occupancy Needs Marketing Campaigns allow you to send highly targeted email marketing campaigns to fill last minute occupancy need, tackle group cancellations, etc. at a moment’s notice. Not to mention, these one-to-one personalized email messages create a better user experience, drive higher conversions and encourage more frequent stays – all while building a meaningful relationship.