Guest Recognition

Focus on Retaining Existing Customers

Hoteliers can save a remarkable amount of money by retaining existing customers rather than by pursuing new ones—six times as much, in fact. To this end, we've created a Guest Recognition add-on module and Rewards Program: Centered on the Loyalty Portal and Newsletter Portal, the guest recognition module keeps guests coming back, time and again. Members can log-in to review status (e.g., Gold, Silver, etc.); past guests are recognized, retained and rewarded based on their RFM Value; and hotels can identify preferences and booking/stay history. By using data to map guests' preferences, we can offer rewards upon recognition, effectively drawing visitors away from online travel agents and toward direct bookings. 

How does it work? Designed to assist hotels in recognizing and rewarding their guests for continuing to book, the Guest Recognition add-on allows guests to sign-up and easily maintain their membership via a personalized Guest Member Portal.

This Member program recognizes your property’s best guests (repeat and frequent guests, guests with high RFM value, guests with long stays, etc.) both on-property and on your website and via marketing automation. Engage, retain and convert your members with ongoing recognition and loyalty marketing campaigns. The program can be based on perks, upgrades or rewards (ex. Get a free room night with 10 room nights stayed).