Real-time intent triggered Personalization and Marketing

Studies around purchasing decisions and personalization have shown that around 70% of all customers are frustrated due to lack of personalization in the messaging and communication towards them and that 80% would more likely make a purchase because of a personalized experience. In addition, 44% are more likely to become a loyal returning customer after a relevant personalized experience.

NextGuest CRM takes the digital experience and personalization one step further and enters the next generation CRM solutions by proving both historic guest information combined with real-time intent data.

By tracking and scoring website visitors interests and intentions, hoteliers can tailor the messaging, content and offers on the website and in the booking engine based on the visitors interests and intents identified by the websites scoring engine. The scoring technology also supports new guest acquisition by identifying unknown website user that show high interest in a hotel property or a specific offering from the hotel. Based on the interest score, the visitor can be prompted with personalized newsletter invite. This approach has proven to increase the number of newsletter signups by over 600%, something necessary for many hotels after recent introductions of privacy regulations like GDPR that eliminated a large part of the hotels marketable profiles due to lack of marketing consents.

The newly created newsletter subscription profiles are enriched with the interests and intent information from the scoring engine monitoring the hotel website and can be used for marketing purpose complementing the historical data points already stored in NextGeust CRM. With NextGuest CRM and the real-time intent triggered personalization you can deliver a true personalized experience for your guests and website visitors to drive revenue.

With NextGuest CRM Suite, guest communication is targeted, dynamic and kept relevant during the whole guest journey with the aim of a satisfying experience to build a long-term guest loyalty.

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