Our Story: A Legacy of CRM For Hotels

Origins and Growth

Our beginnings coincided with a new chapter in the history of the internet. As global businesses realized they could no longer do without a web presence, a vast array of opportunities opened up for the first wave of web marketers. It was in this dynamic atmosphere that NextGuest was founded in Munich in 1996, at the height of the internet's transformation. In the years to come, we built products like @mail, Nethotel and Serenata CRM Suite, and our Sales, Social Media, and Business Intelligence capabilities, working with some of the most creative thinkers from brands both large and small. From the start, we have continually succeeded at building partnerships and leveraging data while accommodating existing IT infrastructure. As our reputation has grown, we have met every challenge that has come our way, further enabling us to empower more hotel brands and deepen customer relationships. Now, as NextGuest CRM we are prepared to enhance the travel journey as never before.